Have Fun at Blackout Dining in the Dark

Enjoying a meal at ‘Blackout Dining in the Dark‘ is among the best things to do in Las Vegas. This dark dining restaurant offers a truly delicious culinary experience, which would surely heighten your senses. Among the top features of Blackout are seasonal menu changes, choices in international flavors and signature cocktails.

You can enjoy all of this and more in a relaxed environment of total darkness. With such an experience, you can have a memorable night full of fun and excitement. Whether you arrive with your better half or group of friends, this restaurant gives you some unforgettable moments.

Before the dining experience

When you arrive at Blackout Dining in the Dark, the restaurant’s staff will explain the whole concept to you. This will help you in learning everything about the dining process in detail. Members of the staff also make it a point to ask you whether you’ve got any food allergies. Before the restaurant staff take you to your table in complete darkness, there are certain things you must do.

Put all the light emitting objects into the secure lockers given to you. They include smartphones, lighters, and watches. You can use one of these lockers free of charge while dining at Blackout. This policy of the restaurant ensures that their guests enjoy a wonderful sensory experience without any lights. Make sure you use the restroom before entering the dining room.

While having your meal

The whole experience of dining in the dark takes place in a dining room where there’s total darkness. The friendly servers of the restaurant will guide you to your table and provide all the required assistance. You must trust the member of the staff leading you through the dark environs. The staff members of this restaurant go through intensive training to serve their customers better.

Once you’re familiar with the utter darkness in the room, you’ll feel more relaxed. Any shyness and fear that you might be having will go away instantly. While dining, you can feel the seven course meal. The servers serve the meal one course at a time. Each of the seven courses please you with some fabulous flavors. They’ll surely entice your taste buds and awaken your senses other than sight.

An extensive menu of drinks is also available. You can order them right to your table. In case you need help from the restaurant guide at any point, call them by their first name. You must not get up from your seat in the dark dining area unless your guide arrives for assistance. This ensures the safety of the staff members and guests present in the room.

After you’ve had your meal

When you finish your meal at the dark dining room, it’s time to exit the place. Your guide will escort you and everyone who’s with you to the lobby. After being in the dark for a long time, your eyes take a while to adjust to the light. It is necessary for you to understand that this is normal.

Until your eyes fully adjust to the light, you can shield your eyes or look down. Then it’s time to say your goodbyes and express your gratitude to the staff. Before leaving, make sure you collect all your belongings that you’ve kept in the locker.

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