The Past and Present of Dans le Noir Restaurant

Dans le Noir literally translates as ‘in the dark’. This chain of dark dining restaurants serve some lip-smacking delicacies to guests in utter darkness. Today, Dans le Noir has also diversified into other businesses, such as spas and shops. Of course, it is more famous for the dark dining experience that it provides. It allows its guests to dive into the sensory delight of enjoying different textures and tastes of food.

It’s quite hard for many to imagine what it is like to lose one of their main senses. Being blind is the worst condition that one can be in. Over the years, individuals like Michel Reilhac tried to highlight this fact. He organized several events throughout Europe to create awareness about this.

Origins of Dans le Noir

Michel Reilhac came up with a concept for diners, which was termed ‘Le Gout du Noir’. The literary meaning of this term is ‘Taste of Darkness’. This led to the establishment of a temporary restaurant towards the end of the 20th century. It was a great success and was beneficial to several companies for training their employees.

The purpose of their training program was to understand the nature of disabilities. Such training programs also helped participants understand how blind can be a part of business. An innovator called Edouard de Groglie funded the project for dark dining restaurant a few years later. He did this with Paul Guinot Foundation’s support.

Thus, Paris got its first Dans le Noir restaurant in the year 2004. The success of this restaurant led to the opening of another one in London. In the years that followed other Dans le Noir restaurants opened in Barcelona and New York. Ethik Investment Group, which operated these restaurants, became an international private company.

Dans le Noir today

Here, we’re talking about Dans le Noir in Paris. When you visit this Paris dark dining restaurant today, you’ll come across a lighted bar and lounge. This is a good stop at the restaurant to enjoy your favorite drinks. Among them are wines, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages. The bar and lounge offers you a friendly environment, where you can unwind after a busy day.

The Dans le Noir in Paris opens daily. When you enter, you’ll need to order your food prior to that unusual dining experience you’re seeking. The dark dining room has a space for 58 individuals in one sitting. In order to avoid any untoward incidents, the dining room has all safety features incorporated in its design. To take care of emergencies, it also has infrared cameras monitoring the entire room.

You must either take off your bag, phone, coat, and even watch or must cover them. This is to eliminate any possible source of light. You’ll need to be there at least half an hour before starting your meal. This rule also applies to the bar and lounge, which is all lit. Prior to your meal, you can enjoy your favorite drink. The friendly staff of the restaurant will explain everything about the experience to you in detail.

Along with this, they’ll also note your dietary requirements, likes, and dislikes with regards to food. This is mostly because they offer a surprise menu. There’s no way of knowing what you’ll be having at the restaurant for your meal. You’ll have to use the washrooms before the meal and keep all your belongings in a locker. You must do this before they take you into the dining room.

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