Why You Must Try the Dark Dining Experience

If you’re someone who spends much time talking and thinking about food, you must’ve tried many options. You must’ve visited your nearest McDonald’s or even reserved your table at an Italian restaurant. However, you must’ve never probably thought about a situation where you can’t see what you’re about to eat. This is a concept that’s gradually becoming popular in many countries across the world.

Just imagine, an individual who is blind relies on his or her senses other than sight. The blind people also use those senses while dining. Now, this is exactly what the concept is all about. The term for it is ‘dark dining’. Over the past few years, it has become such a phenomenon that it also featured on The Ellen Show.

The experience

Most of the people who are blind or with partial sight can see at least something. They’ll be able to identify light and moving shadows. In case of dark dining, there’s a dark blindfold covering your eyes. As the lights in the dining area are dim, you’ll not be able to identify anything. This allows for a unique sensory experience.

You’ll be able to understand perfectly how is it like for blind people while dining. The restaurant staff will make this experience as authentic as possible for you. Members of the staff will also ask you to switch off all sources of light, including your smartphone. A dark dining experience will challenge you to have your meal without seeing it.

The concept

Today, there are many charities for the blind that work hard to spread awareness. They want people with sight to understand how hard life is for the blind. You’ll get a first-hand experience of how it feels to be a blind individual. The European continent was where the concept of dark dining first began in the late 1990s.

It gradually became popular in the United States as well as some of the Asian countries. The first experience of dark dining was at the ‘Blind Kuh’ in Switzerland. It was Edouard de Broglie who created the first international chain of dark dining restaurants.


While there are many who praise this unique concept of dining, it certainly has some critics. According to them, the concept promotes the limitation or disability of an individual. They fear that it will result in ignorance of the efforts for creating a more inclusive environment.

In other words, these people feel that dark dining showcases disability. Some among them say that this will lead to the diners believing that being blind is good. Of course, such criticisms are absolutely baseless.

Why dark dining is worth a try

Once in a while, it’s good to move out of your comfort zone. Dark dining allows you to do so, but it has a lot more to offer. It makes you appreciate the sense of sight, which so many in this world take for granted. Dark dining can also be one of the unique ideas to enjoy a night out. Corporate organizations can use it as a team-building exercise.

Dining at such restaurants as a team will allow all members to work together and guess what they’re eating. This will certainly be a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone in the team. Today, more and more restaurants are offering this service. Soon, there’ll be a time when you won’t have to travel long distances to find a dark dining restaurant.

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