7 Astonishing Restaurant Concepts in the World

The long-term success of a restaurant concept is not about the food that customers savor in it. It’s more about the quality of the dining experience that they enjoy during their time spent in a restaurant. However, these are not the only reasons why people go to restaurants.

Some visit such places owing to the brand appeal that they have. Others visit such restaurants because of the their unique geographic location. The management of a restaurant and the concepts that they come up with also matters a lot. Some may include certain elements of Mother Nature while creating a perfect ambiance for their customers. Others may add something fascinating to their style of service.

These are the things that play a key role in making the restaurant a must-visit place for dining. A unique concept ultimately becomes the major part of a restaurant’s marketing plan. This helps the establishment stand out from its competitors.

Here we’ve brought to you some astonishing restaurant concepts from different parts of the world:

1. Amazingly intimate

There are ways, by which, you can make your special occasion even more special. One of them is to secure a booking at a restaurant that’s highly in demand. Upon dining in such a restaurant you’ll get a sense of exclusivity. It comes from the pleasure of successfully booking a table at an in-demand restaurant.

Now, think about a restaurant that is super cozy. It means that you’ll not have a bunch of tables around you. This alone will be a fantastic experience as the chatter of people around will not disturb you. Such restaurant concepts are far more likely to succeed. It’s because these concepts lead to greater customer satisfaction.

The best example of such a restaurant is Solo Per Due, which is located in central Italy. It is probably the world’s smallest restaurant. It sits only two diners at a time with one small room for dining.

2. Circus show restaurant concepts

Dining and entertainment going hand in hand is a wonderful idea that one can consider for a dining concept. Some restaurants have performances of pianists and jazz musicians going with the meals. Others choose to delight their customers with some brave feats and acrobatics. Of course, these restaurants will never compromise on the quality of food.

One such restaurant is ‘Circus’, which is located in London. This restaurant is themed on a circus. Here, the customers get to enjoy food, cocktails, and a highly entertaining show. It also offers menu-sharing for groups of five individuals or more. They also have a la carte options and a tasting menu.

3. Dark dining

This concept has become a big hit today in different parts of the world. It has also become a major aspect in the marketing of fine dining. The question you’ll ask in this case is whether the food tastes better if you’re not able to see it. One assuring answer is the fact that when you lose one of your five senses, the others become active.

Imagine that you have your blindfold on or there’s darkness all around. Then they serve you food that you can’t see. Now, your senses other than sight come into play and intensify the flavors of the food. This is the main concept of the dark dining restaurants. Many of them have come up in different parts of the world over the past couple of decades.

The waiters at these restaurants receive special training to serve their customers in the dark. One international chain of dark dining restaurants is Dans le Noir. From Paris to St Petersburg, you can find them in many cities globally.

4. Dining in the sky

Some restaurant owners really like to play with the senses of their customers. A few others believe in providing them some heightened delights to create some unforgettable moments. There’s a chain of restaurants called ‘Dinner in the Sky‘ which promises to offer both of these experiences. At a ‘Dinner in the Sky’ restaurant, they’ll suspend your table high in the air. You’ll find yourself literally dining in the sky.

Along with a touch of exclusivity, you’ll also experience loads of excitement. These restaurants heighten the experience with the addition of an element of danger. Currently, there are many such restaurants located around the globe. The ‘Dinner in the Sky’ chain now operates in about 45 countries across the world.

5. Opera with your meal

You might be wondering how this is possible. However, you can experience this at the the Santa Fe Opera. Although there are many restaurants that provide entertainment for diners, this is one-of-a-kind experience. Here, they give you the choice to drive up to the open-air opera show.

You’ll be enjoying the dinner in your car. This unique opera tailgating option for dining is an excellent mix of convenience and culture.

6. Under the sea

If you get to dine in an underwater restaurant, you’ll never want to snorkel or scuba-dive. For enjoying this splendid experience, you’ll need to travel to Maldives. In this island nation, you can visit the ‘5.8 Undersea Restaurant’ that offers under-the-sea dining. Of course, there are a handful of such restaurants in several parts of the world.

They’re either partially or fully submerged in the waters. The 5.8 Undersea Restaurant in Maldives offers its guests a unique view of marine life. You can see this through the glass walls of the underwater restaurant. While savoring your meal at this restaurant, it would be fun to watch all those beautiful fish swim by.

7. The snow and ice experience

Restaurants with an ice theme seem to be a favorite among many. This is probably the reason why they’ve come up in different locations worldwide. You’ll get to experience some ice and snow upon booking your table in one of them. Quite surprisingly, you can find such restaurants in places like Dubai, where you’ll almost never find ice and snow.

Such restaurants allow you to dine while ‘chilling out’, which takes the whole dining experience to a new level. One of these restaurants is the ‘Northern Lights Village’s Ice Bar & Restaurant. This charming restaurant is located in northern Finland. You’ll enjoy some traditional delicacies of the Arctic Circle here amid all the ice and snow.

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